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Sustainable Heating and Cooling Solutions

Dalrada's state-of-the-art climate technology provides energy products and services for comprehensive and customizable sustainability projects.

Heat Pump Technology

Driving the Clean Energy Revolution. Challenge accepted.

Solutions designed to minimize harmful emissions and maximize cost savings

Dalrada creates global solutions that drive progress for future generations and we take pride in being a trusted energy transformation and climate technology specialist.

With a unique dedication to solving global challenges, we’re developing true decarbonizing solutions and clean energy innovation for complete energy transformation through our advanced heat pumps and chillers. Our unique CO₂ based high-temperature heat pumps provide heating and cooling without the need for combustion or the burning of fossil fuels, reducing energy consumption by up to 75%.

This advance climate technology helps support the global initiative of transitioning to Net Zero through renewable and sustainable energy technology and innovation, minimizing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency.

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Why Dalrada Climate Technology?

Dalrada’s state-of-the-art climate technology provides energy products and services for comprehensive and customizable sustainability projects around the world. As a top industrial heat pump manufacturer, Dalrada delivers innovation and efficiency, building solutions that reduce energy consumption and minimize carbon footprints, increase operational efficiencies, meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, and lower energy costs for clients.


01. Engineering Excellence

In-house engineering excellence and cutting-edge technology that solves climate challenges through advanced decarbonizing solutions.

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02. Cost Savings

Our partners can save thousands of dollars every year and earn tax credits by maximizing energy efficiency and minimize energy use.

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03. Carbon Mitigation

Renewable and sustainable technology that supports Net Zero initiatives and reduces carbon emissions while increasing energy efficiency.


Commercial Heat Pumps

Leading the way in energy transformation through decarbonization.

DCT One and Two Series, the world’s first high temperature process heating and cooling systems are designed specifically for industrial, commercial, and business environments to provide lower utility costs and increased energy efficiency.

Our next-generation commercial heat pumps replace traditional water heaters, steam boilers, cooling towers, or chillers. These combustion-free heat pumps increase heating and cooling efficiency by capturing and reusing thermal energy, ultimately reducing global warming potential (GWP) by using carbon dioxide (CO2) as the refrigerant.

Dalrada Climate Technology’s advanced technology represents a benchmark in heat pump efficiency, delivering lower emissions and ultimately helping to reduce carbon footprints around the world.

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DCT Heat Pump Technology
Dalrada Climate Technology Commercial heat pump Dalrada Climate Technology Commercial heat pump

Easy installation and integration with legacy technology.

DCT One and Two Series are affordable compared to conventional chiller and heater systems. Matching of heating and cooling loads is a careful consideration that Dalrada Climate Technology's team aids clients with.

In industry and hotel installations where heating or cooling pipework is often located close to each other - in pipework ducts, rooftops, plant rooms and boiler houses - deployment is easily achieved. Housed in a compact frame system are DCT's hermetically-sealed carbon dioxide circuit and all system components. Installation is simple with only four connections for balanced load conditions.

Existing chiller and boiler equipment can remain in place as a standby or used for "peak load conditions." A system like this is called a hybrid system and it offers significant advantages in terms of standby provision, load balancing, and fuel choices.

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Our robust lineup of products delivers cutting-edge technology and enhanced capabilities for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes.

Our technology answers the biggest challenges the world faces when it comes to decarbonizing heat that depends so heavily on fossil fuels.

With the ultimate goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible by 2050, Dalrada Climate Technology is committed to global Net Zero initiatives through renewable and sustainable energy technology that minimizes carbon emissions and maximizes energy efficiency.

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