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Dalrada Climate Tech: In The News

Dalrada Financial Corporation reports impressive growth in climate technology and healthcare

Dalrada Technologies Morocco Spearheads Cutting-Edge Climate Solutions as Dalrada Expands into MENA Region

Dalrada Technology Spain Partners with JBS Consulting to Revolutionize Energy Efficiency with Innovative Heat Pumps

American Company Dalrada Establishes Moroccan Subsidiary to Drive Climate Innovation in Africa and Middle East

Innovative HVAC Solutions Gain Momentum: Bill Gates and Others Rally Behind New Cooling Technologies for Decarbonization and HFC Phasedown

Innovative Tech Could Cut Carbon Footprints in 300,000 Federal Structures

A Market Transformation Strategy for Industrial Heat Pumps: An Opportunity to Reduce Industrial Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 20%

The Tech that Could Replace Polluting Air Con and Ease the Energy Crisis this Winter

The GSA’s Green Proving Ground Program and the DOE Select Dalrada’s Heat Pump to Spearhead Low-Carbon Solutions in Commercial Buildings

U.S. Government Selects Industrial R744 Heat Pump As ‘Next-Generation’ Building Technology

Green Proving Ground Program Selects Innovative Technologies that Enable Transition to Net-Zero Carbon

Carbon Emissions – Are Heat Pumps The Next Big Thing?

Dalrada Climate Technology (formerly Likido Limited), specializes in delivering cutting-edge energy products and services tailored for expansive and adaptable sustainability initiatives around the world. As a leading industrial and commercial heat pump manufacturer, we’re committed to pioneering innovation that increases energy efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

Dalrada Climate Technology addresses the global challenge of decarbonizing fossil fuel-reliant heat, working toward achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050 through innovative renewable and energy-efficient solutions.