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High-Efficiency Cryo Chillers

State-of-the-art chilling technology for improved business operations

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CT Cryo Chiller: Ultra-low chilling for heat-sensitive industries.

Versatile chilling system designed for a variety of industries:


DCT Cryo Chiller Critical Advantages

  • Rapid freeze rate for increased efficiency 
  • Less maintenance = longer operating time 
  • High-quality components and construction 
  • ASHRAE Class A1 non-flammable refrigerants 
  • Works with applications as low as –70.5°C (-95°F) 
  • Low vibration and sound emissions for quiet operation 
  • State-of-the-art chilling technology for improved business operations 
DCT Cryo Chillers

Versatile chilling system designed for a variety of industries:

  • The Fuel-Safe Solution 
    Reap the benefits of fast, reliable, and efficient chilling for the safe storage of biofuel, nuclear fuel, and more. 
  • The Liquified Natural Gas Leader
    Dalrada’s Cryo Chiller delivers fast and safe chilling for LNG, saving time and money for this valuable fuel source. 
  • The Pharmaceutical Answer 
    Dalrada’s Cryo Chiller is ideal for establishing remote centers for distribution and long-term storage of biomaterials and vaccines. 
  • The Commercial Food Production Choice
    With ideal chilling capabilities for meat and seafood packaging, our cryo chiller is the perfect solution for food processing and production. 

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Our cutting-edge chillers have been specifically designed to provide ultra-low cooling with exceptional durability, all while taking up a minimal amount of space.

With their robust build and reliable performance, you can trust Dalrada Climate Technology Cryo Chiller (DCT Cryo Series) to provide the level of cooling necessary for your critical business operations.

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