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High-Efficiency Commercial Heat Pumps

Dalrada's CO2-based commercial heat pump systems simultaneously heat and cool without burning fossil fuels, reducing your energy consumption by up to 75%.

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DCT Heat Pump Technology

Dalrada Climate Technology (DCT) Heat Pumps

Dalrada's industrial heat pumps provide simultaneous heating and cooling without combustion and can replace water heaters, steam boilers, chillers and cooling towers. This revolutionary technology uses a non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly natural refrigerant that’s completely CFC and HFC-free.

All of Dalrada's commercial heat pump systems use R744 carbon dioxide as the refrigerant fluid in a closed system. The heating and cooling loads are connected via secondary heat transfer fluids, usually water or glycol.

DCT core technology is a novel form of heat pump technology that uses super-critical CO₂ as the working fluid, which enables the highly efficient recovery of low-grade heat from air, water, or thermal waste streams for use in high grade heating applications.

Most importantly, Dalrada’s climate technology helps support global Net Zero initiatives through renewable and sustainable energy technology and innovation – minimizing carbon emissions and improving overall energy efficiency.

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DCT One Series Heat Pump Highlights:

  • Up to 7 times more efficient than traditional boilers and chiller plants
  • Delivers 60 – 80% energy savings while reducing CO2 emissions
  • Coefficient of Performance: COP 1:7
  • 1 kW of electrical energy produces 4.5 kW of heating and extracts 2.5 kW of cooling energy from the waste heat source
  • Hot water supply range: +50°C – +85°C (+122°F – +185°F)
  • Cold water supply range: 0°C – +15°C (32°F – +59°F)
  • Uses R744 carbon dioxide (CO2) as the refrigerant
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DCT One Series Critical Advantages

  • Efficiently decarbonizes heat, reduces global warming potential (GWP)
  • Combustion-free process
  • Provides simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as refrigerant
  • Retrofittable design, modular build
  • Climate agnostic, works in multiple regions
  • Easily implemented into new and existing building infrastructures
  • Buy American Act (BAA) and Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant
  • Real-time performance data enabled with advanced control module

Industries Served

Heat Pump Applications
Dalrada Heat Pump System

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Reduce environmental impact and save money on heating and cooling with DCT One Series, a true commercial building solution.

Contact us to learn how we are revolutionizing the energy industry through industrial heat pump systems designed to minimize harmful emissions and maximize cost savings.

No need for chillers, cooling towers or boilers!

DCT heat pumps provide simultaneous heating and cooling without the need for water heaters, steam boilers, cooling towers or chillers. This reduces the size of plant rooms and technical spaces within buildings, meaning you can focus on maximizing space. Our pumps are sleek and compact in design.

Maintenance and Servicing

Dalrada's heat pumps are designed to require minimal user maintenance. Other than regular level and performance checks the units should be subject to a full service shutdown at least annually with replacement of refrigerant and compressor oil, filter cleaning/replacement, relief valves testing/replacement and recommissioning.

  • Hot & Cold Coupling

    Innovative technology for use in applications that link to local heat networks, where hot and cold coupling is a necessity (IT, server cooling, district heating, and more).

  • Cost & Energy Efficient

    Exponential cost savings and reduced carbon emissions — immediately and over time. Up to 75% increased energy efficiency plus eligibility for tax credits and incentives.

  • F-Gas Exempt Refrigerant

    Non-toxic, non-flammable, and eco-friendly R744 Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This natural refrigerant is CFC and HFC free with an ODP of 0 and GWP of 1.

Traditional Heating & Cooling
Dalrada’s Heat Pumps setup for DCT One Series
Natural gas boiler efficiency = 85%
Electric heater efficiency = 100%
Typical HFC chiller efficiency = COP 1:2.5
DCT Series One heating = COP 1:4.5
DCT Series One heating & cooling = COP 1:7
Dalrada heat pump - heating & cooling COP 1:7