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Temperature Control

High value crop cultivation is an energy-intensive sector: energy consumption per square foot for indoor grow operations is about ten times that of a typical office building.

Temperature control in greenhouses is critical for high-value medical cannabinoid production. In states with legalized recreational marijuana (such as Colorado and Nevada), the sector is also proliferating.

Growing good-quality crops and maximizing the amount of production (per square foot of space and per year) requires a great deal of energy.

The total energy costs for indoor medical cannabinoid production typically vary between 20 and 50% of total operating expenses. Medium-size or larger brewery, energy use accounts for about 6-12% of total operating costs.

Heating, cooling and dehumidification are all required, especially when growing plants for medical cannabinoid production.


Hot and Cold Coupling

Likido™ONE heat pump systems are a promising technology for use in a data centre and link into a district heat network, for instance, in a University campus where hot-cold coupling for server cooling and district heating could be envisaged.

Saves Money

Using Likido™ONE can save over £77k a year on bills and reduce carbon emissions by over 75% based on UK fuel price averages and could be more overseas.

F-Gas Exempt

Likido™ONE uses a non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly natural refrigerant that’s completely CFC and HFC-free - R744 Carbon Dioxide