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Dalrada and France-based JBS Consulting create business partnership to build and install up to 2,300 Dalrada commercial heat pumps over the course of five years.     

At least 150 of Dalrada’s energy-efficient heat pumps are expected to be installed and operational within the first 12 months of the agreement, with increased numbers of the high-functioning machines installed each year (up to 800 in year five) until the contract is satisfied. Additionally, the agreement increases the opportunity for the company to create a Dalrada heat pump building and manufacturing center in France.

Jacques Benhamou, Director General of JBS Consulting, said of the new partnership: “Collaborating with our partner, Dalrada Technology Spain, will allow us to bring our clients the very best that advanced climate technology has to offer. Dalrada’s heat pumps represent an industry-leading energy solution and we’re excited to bring these machines to industries that need them, not only here in France, but abroad as well.

News of the partnership follows the recent announcement that Dalrada had reached an agreement with a Moroccan-based company to build and install up to 4,500 heat pumps.

To read the full press release, please click HERE.

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